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Lot #6  – Pendleton Cattle Barons Weekend Select Ranch Horse Sale
2016 Bay Gelding
Awesome Tomcat x Sweet Doll Loretta x Do It Two Eyed

“Big Walter” is a 6 year old gelding that is as sweet as they come. This reliable guy is a big teddy bear that I’d trust with any rider, but has plenty of buttons to get a day’s work done. He’ll cross anything outside and will happily hit a long trot to cover a lot of country or slow down to take a beginner kid for a trail ride.
Walter has been used for all phases of ranch work and is also well started as a head horse. He’s very fun to rope on! I’ve started colts on him too–he’s the go-to guy around here. He’s also a skijoring money earner with just one outing! He handled the crowds and the skiers like an old pro and gave his heart, getting faster with each run. He rides nicely in the bridle and has a fancy turnaround. He is 15.3 and has a strong, shapey build over top of a size 1 foot.
Walter is the same horse every single day, even with time off. Ask me about the time the cows got out in the dark after he’d had six weeks off! He really is “Two Awesome.”
Walter does have two scars. One is on his nose and the other is on his butt. Neither affects his soundness or function in the slightest and both have been examined by a vet. They say scars are like tattoos with better stories, and I wish Walter could tell us his! Knowing this kind-hearted gentleman, I’m thinking he probably saved a kid from a grizzly bear or something equally selfless. He also has a couple of old splints on his front legs. They don’t bother him a bit.

To learn more about Walter, call Lisa at (208) 495-4045. Test rides are welcome before the sale! We’re located in Adrian, OR.